Frequently Asked Questions

What levels are offered at the studio?

We offer recreational classes for students age 2 through adult as well as competitive classes on four different levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Junior
  • Senior

Do all students perform in the yearly recital?

All students, except Mommy and Me, participate in the annual recital held each June. The recital is held at the Kline Branch of the Jewish Community Center in Northeast Philadelphia. This is a celebration of the dedication and hard work put forth by our students. Usually held on Monday and Tuesday evening during the second week of June, the annual recital begins with a Pre-Gala Mini Recital which includes routines and pieces performed by our younger students and first year soloists. The recital follows immediately. Special awards and trophies are distributed after the performance on Tuesday evening.

Additional performance opportunities (Disney, etc.) are open to all students, in which case there are extra fees to cover rehearsals, choreography and costumes.

Is there a dress code?

Ginny Lee Dance Studio does enforce a dress code. While there are many fun options for dance clothing a dress code is quite important for younger dancers. Instructors cannot see a dancers body under baggy clothing, it can be very difficult to correct alignment, positioning and mistakes. Besides teaching dance, we must also teach best habits for one's body to avoid any injury. Also, when students dress the part, they feel the part.

Students are expected to wear...

  • All classes require solid black leotard-any style
  • All classes require pink tights
  • All ballet classes should wear a lyrical skirt short enough for the knees to be seen
  • All team classes are not allowed to wear any type of shirt
  • Hair must be pulled back in a bun or pony tail, including barrettes for long wings
  • No dangling earrings